Clean&Care Certifications: Just because traveling today requires a certain peace of mind...

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What's the Clean&Care Certification about?

  • THE "MICHELIN GUIDE" OF SAFER TRAVEL: We know that despite the vaccine campaigns, the threat brought by COVID on the travel & hospitality industry is here to linger. Many people have an urge to travel, some carelessly, some others will carefully choose where to travel.

  • AN AUDIT, A CERTIFICATION AND A PARTNER: The Clean&Care Certification Board is a global independent COVID safety audit and certification platform for hotels, restaurants, rentals, guided tours, safaris, museums, attractions, convention centers, campgrounds and stores with the aim to audit, fix and promote safe travel under covid times..

  • ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Affordable, fast and straightforward auditing process done mostly online. 1 day of preparation - 30 min online audit - 5 days to analyze the audit by our scientific team and you can be certified!

  • SCIENTIFIC AND MINDFUL: Activity-specific testing protocols designed and updated by US and Danish scientists working at the forefront of covid research (some are direct experts with the WHO). Tailored by travel specialists who understand how to preserve the value of a travel experience despite the need to adapt to the new covid situation.

  • INDEPENDENT: Every C&C certification is to be trusted. No mass certifications. No protocol push. Every destination is specific and so is investigated individually as not one destination is like another when it comes to covid safety.

  • A STRONG TRAFFIC DRIVER: Important marketing tool to re-establish trust between the travel destination and individual travelers, DMCs and tour operators. Allows a destination to be globally recognized as being safer than others.

For travelers and tour operators

Travel or not to travel? That's the question that should NOT be...

When the threat of COVID infection and its variants is fluctuating but still persistent, planning a holiday can be tricky:

  • Is it safe to travel there? Did anyone ever checked if it's really safe and clean? (including the local health authorities)

  • What's the destination contamination history?

  • How much does the destination management "really" care about protecting its guests and workers against risks of infection?

  • If anyone already contaminated travels there, what are the risks others may be contaminated?

  • How much can I enjoy my stay there without worrying constantly about Covid?

Getting a "peace of mind" travel experience

Why the Clean&Care Certification is the label that can be trusted to make your travel safer and more relaxed:

  • We are scientific and on top of covid scientific updates

  • We are global, we are independent and not linked to any large chain of hotel destinations

  • We look at every single destination as a unique puzzle to be solved and secured. No mass certifications!

  • Our approach is balanced between the 2 fundamental principles of the Clean&Care Certification:

    1. Measures in place to guarantee that if someone contaminated walks undetected the other people will have strict minimum of chances to be contaminated (that's why we cannot certify every destination)

    2. Respect and maximum preservation of the original travel experience at the destination: No point to travel if measures in place are so restrictive so that the joy of traveling has diminished

For travel, hospitality & tourism destinations

Let people know that you care for their safety! Truly!

  • Many people (and mostly the 50+) will not travel if they do not feel safe about it

  • You care for the safety of your clients

  • You understand the need for the travel industry to adapt to the new covid situation

  • You have complied with your local health board regulations

  • You want your efforts in covid-safety to be globally recognized

  • You want to convince visitors and TOs that you are a safer alternative than other destinations

  • You want to restore people's overall confidence in traveling during covid times

Multiple benefits from the Clean&Care Certification

To be listed among the world's safest destinations kept in mind by travelers and tour operators.

Strong Marketing tool for the covid travel age: have the right to use your certification logo with your marketing and advertising material without limitations, including on partners and advertisers websites, on publications, you letterheads, your emails. You also have the option to order C&C logo stickers and placeholders for your destination.

No guests playing the Russian Roulette: Guests now know that an international team of medical, safety and public health experts have tested safety measures taken at your destination before they visit and have approved them!

Fast, easy, affordable and fully confidential. You can get certified 5 days after applying

Always affordable fixes or reimbursed! We understand perfectly well the financial difficulties of a travel destination today and our pricing confirms it. But here is your peace of mind: If your destination is invited for a Clean&Care audit, it's because it likely belongs to the 95% of the travel destinations that either are likely to pass without having to put extra measures or that the measures to be put in place are not expensive. And yet, if by mistake you are in the 5%, you can always get a 50% refund on your audit!

Assistance during your time certified: This is just not a one-time shot: Once the certification is obtained, the Clean&Care Certification Board's team continues working with you by monitoring your local safety situation, by assisting you on all covid safety questions and by active marketing campaigns promoting all the Clean&Care certified travel destinations.

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A simple, fast but scientific certification process

Straightforward, affordable, fast but thorough: The Clean&Care Audit and Certification process explained

  1. Application received

  2. Application processed (no fees), accepted or refused (if we see that it will be impossible to certify you)

  3. Online audit (few hours of preparation + 10-20 min online)

  4. The Board takes 3 days to review the audit findings. The audit is automatically reviewed by one scientist and peer-reviewed by another.

  5. The Clean&Care Certification Board either (a) approves the Certification immediately or (b) asks for a list of detailed improvements that need to be implemented within two weeks. In both cases, the Board's feedback comes with detailed recommendations on how COVID safety can be improved. Sometimes, a video conference is necessary to discuss and explain the measures.

Once certified, destinations receive the benefits of the Certification right away and for one year..

The Clean&Care Certification Board ambassadors and operatives also conduct random on-site checks to make sure that the measures are carefully in place. If a certified destination is found not to comply, an investigation will be opened that can lead to the destination losing its certification. Just like the Michelin Guide does.

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Fees & payments:

See Table

□ Application administrative fee payable only if destination is retained for audit after initial screening

50% audit fee refunded if destination is not certified after audit

Year-to-year renewal: No application fee

Payment by invoice

Certification digital marketing material: Included in the audit price

Certification non-digital marketing material: Not included


12 months to start on day certification is confirmed

What does the travel professionals community thinks about the Clean&Care Certification? The WTM article about Clean&Care and other CCC news

Quick Application: Get your Clean&Care 2021 Certification now!

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Administrative support partner: Horizon Development Markets Ltd.

More about travel during COVID and about the Clean&Care Certification

Situation, rationale & analysis of the travel, hospitality & tourism industry today

□ Many people are ready to make travel decisions for the spring, summer, and autumn 2021, despite variable flying and territorial restrictions. Vaccines and systematic testing of people embarking on a plane makes air travel less prone to contamination risks. Yet, the COVID and its variants with properties not yet fully understood continue to impair border crossings and people's holiday plans (how vaccines are effective against them? What are the age groups targeted by the variants? How much more transmissible the COVID variants are?).

□ COVID threat perception is often very personal, with some people almost denying the existence of the risk and others over-panicked by the risk: COVID awareness and safety at a tourism destination can vary greatly from one destination to another, depending on the destination management’s personal perception. We found that in many cases, and despite claims on websites that the destination is clean & safe, that once on site the situation can be very different. Why? Simply because no-one can just improvise being a contamination expert overnight.

The perspective for a vaccine and a "return to normal" thankfully exist, but it could be a long haul. In the meantime, those travel destinations that have been able to communicate well about their efforts to protect their guests are thriving, as they are catching the bulk of the 50+ travelers that just don't want to stay home. Others are struggling.

□ We studied over 10 national health board recommendations for the tourism sector (whenever those recommendation exists. In most countries the Health Board directives are for everybody. Only few countries have involved their tourism sectors into tourism specific measures others than simply closing down or opening up borders): Although all have the essentials, rules vary greatly from one country to another, leaving the traveler wondering if going to that country is a risk or not. The other problem of COVID is that in many countries, health inspections are at minimum not systematic or at worst non-existent.

Why a global independent certification system is needed to survive this crisis?

In 2021 again, the tourism sector is one of the hardest hit sectors by the COVID epidemic and its lockdown measures. It's a personal tragedy for so many people: On one side, those that cannot travel and more seriously on the other side those entrepreneurs, families, regions who highly depend on revenues from the travel sector.

At the Clean&Care Certification Board, we believe that since air travel is now clearly identified as not a major source for covid contamination (it has to do with AC systems in planes), that things could be better managed to attract travelers again soon. Much has to do with risks of contamination at the destination level and how well those risks are managed. With parts of the population, mostly younger people, do not feel much threaten by the pandemic (even though they should, especially because of the now well-documented information on lasting damage for vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and the lungs), the interactions between "covid-sensitive" groups and "covid-insensitive" groups at a same destination must be absolutely managed at the destination level if the entire travel industry is to survive.

Most national Health Boards have issued general instructions for the travel sectors and many restrictions. Some countries (Portugal, Malaysia, Spain) has implemented a system where the tourism board has issued a “certified” label system, a very good initiative but difficult to implement and that has already shown today its limits in terms of reliability.

Private labels (Hilton Hotels, Accor Group) are also implementing their own protocol, either self-made or designed by professional audit & certification enterprises. Although the protocols are professionals, they are not systematically adapted to the specifics of a particular destination - which could result in either lower protection for guests or more-than-needed a headache for the destination manager / owner.

At the Clean&Care Certification Board, we are aware that we cannot certify everybody. We know that there are areas of the covid science that still remain unclear today and does not allow us to be certain on some specific technical questions (such as central AC in large hotels). But precisely because of that, we can assure that a CCC certified destination really deserves to be put forward as a safer destination. and that travelers have the right to know about that.

The Clean&Care Certification Board: The little story and the fundamental principles

In mid-April 2020, and because of the expected damage on the hospitality and travel industry, Horizon Development, one of the founding members of the C&C Certification Board, conveyed a panel of 16 international experts on a two-day video seminar “COVID response: Particularities and challenges for the travel and tourism industry in 2020”. Participating experts were researchers (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Johnson&Johnson, Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins University), Certification (OSHA, Green Key), security and emergency preparedness (G4S), insurance (Prudential), health board (Tervisaemet, Sundhedsstyrelsen) , and travel & hospitality (Horizon Development, Swissotel) specialists. The panel experts detailed the needs for a certification, a methodology for a fast delivery system and a fast diagnostic algorithm: The principles, computing base and protocols behind the Clean&Care audit system were born! It is overall the dialogue between the medical & scientific experts and the travel community professionals that are the foundations of the Clean&Care 2020 initiative. The aim is to maintain safety while preserving the quality and authenticity of the guest's travel experience. The fundamental principles behind the technical audit for the certifcation is to "see in place appropriate and cost-effective measures to ensure that in the situation of a single guest being contaminated, other guests have no or minimal chances to be contaminated". The fundamental principle behind the push for C&C certification worldwide is to "contribute to keep travel and borders open despite the pandemic - by setting up destination-specific safety guidelines with a clear positive impact not only to the destination itself and its revenue line, but also to the boarder travel & tourism community"

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