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Vaccines, travel and the spreading of the Indian COVID variant : A scientific update on vaccine effectiveness

May 25: As most of us will start to prepare for renewed travel, the question of the COVID variants, and in particular the highly transmissible Indian variant B.1.617, and how protected we are with a vaccine is just starting to be clarified. This scientific article by Nature tells us more about observations from its spread among UK communities that include vaccinated and non-vaccinated people that contracted the virus. We invite you to read the article for more details, but roughly, early data shows that vaccination DOES protect in most cases, although NOT IN ALL CASES. Data about which vaccines protect most are still too limited for a conclusion, but observations show that overall all vaccines should provide some level of protection with the Pfizer-BioNTech already showing some better results.

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The Clean&Care Certification Board interviewed and featured as the main independent covid-safety certification organization @WTM London (World Travel Market)

London, Oct 7, 2020. Pierre Blime, Clean&Care Board Member is interviewed by Jean Carmela, travel industry reporter and blogger with the WTM on the occasion of WTM London. The article is looking at the impact of the pandemic on the international travel industry and ways to mitigate. More precisely, in the video discussion, Jean and Pierre discuss the fundamentals behind the Clean&Care certification approach: Who is behind it, its mission to become a "Michelin Guide" for safety, how the certification provided by Clean&Care operates and how it benefits destinations not only to survive but also to take a lead over competitors during those trouble times for the industry. It also discussed the bridge and differences between the Clean&Care Certification and the WTTC Safe Travel stamp. The article and the video interview can be accessed here

CDC Studies 'Breakthrough' COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

Apr 2021, Wash DC, NPR News: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is tracking these coronavirus infections that break through the vaccine's protection, told NPR on Thursday that the agency has so far received reports of about 5,800 breakthrough cases. No "unexpected patterns have been identified in case demographics or vaccine characteristics," the CDC says." More

France: Les Maisons d'Hôtes ont désormais accès a la certification Clean&Care

Le Clean&Care Certification Board lance son nouveau protocole de test spécialement conçu pour les gites, maisons d’hôtes, maisons en location avec ou sans service et les petits hôtels (moins de 20 chambres). Pourquoi ? Toujours dans le but de mieux soutenir la filière, nous avons décidé d’ajuster le protocole pour qu’il soit simplifie et plus abordable en prix pour les plus petits exploitants. Avant cela, nous ne faisions pas de distinction fondamentale. Une chambre d’hôte était juste considérée comme un petit hôtel.

Italia: Le pensioni e B&B ora hanno accesso alla certificazione Clean & Care

Il Clean & Care Certification Board lancia il suo nuovo protocollo di test appositamente progettato per bed and breakfast, pensioni, case in affitto con o senza servizio e piccoli hotel (meno di 20 camere). Perché ? Sempre con l'obiettivo di supportare meglio il settore, abbiamo deciso di adeguare il protocollo in modo che sia più semplice ed economico per i più piccoli agricoltori. Prima di allora, non abbiamo fatto una distinzione fondamentale. Una camera per gli ospiti era considerata solo un piccolo hotel.

WTTC and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health partner over COVID and the sustainability of the travel industry

May 14: The two organizations, very much at the 2020 origins of the Clean&Care Certification Board, are now officially partnering of something that really goes beyond the management of the COVID crisis

Career Opportunity: Join us as a CCC Ambassador!

If you have a strong experience in at least one: (a) DMC (b) Tour Operator (c) Regional travel expert and that you have a good in-depth knowledge of the destinations landscape in your area (hotels, tours, restaurants, museums, etc.) and good contacts with destination decision-makers, you should consider joining us as a CCC Ambassador. Look: We are looking for those people.

We are offering you not only a high financial reward, but the opportunity to join forces with high profile scientists, to contribute to your local economic development and to the alleviation of the covid crisis in your area. You will need a LinkedIn account to apply and to work with the rest of the team. Our recruiting priorities right now (check often, as this list is frequently updated)

More details to follow on our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cleanncare-certification-board

Contact us soon. Those positions will fill up: ambassadors@cleanncare.org

Why an independent global certification is needed?

  • The industry is down as a result of covid. Millions of people may lose their jobs in 2020. Many people will be afraid of traveling this summer, especially the 50+.

  • In a travel environment still affected by COVID, many travel destination objects have been audited and certified but the auditors do not publish the lists. On the other hand FITs, groups and TO‘s are supplied with lists of so called "safer" HORECA destinations, that actually have never been audited by an independent expertise. The Clean&Care Certification Board is precisely bringing a solution to this gap that also represents an outstanding marketing & sales opportunity to the participating destination objects that very much deserve it.

  • People do not want to travel to be guinea pigs: covid-safety feedbacks from travelers on Trip advisor, booking, etc. will not be there for a while. Without precise prior experience or independent inspection feedback, many people will just not travel.

  • Many hotel groups get their hotel destinations certified in a mass certification scheme, irrespective of the particularities of a specific property or its operations.

  • Those hotels, restaurants, museums, campgrounds, guided tours, shops that really "care" have already understood that the industry needs to adapt in a sustainable way. In 2020 and 2021 they took on themselves mostly to make sure COVID safety was provided to their visitors. Those are the ones to deserve to be put on the spotlight and reap the financial benefits associated with it.

Join the laureates! Get your Clean&Care 2021 Certification now!

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