Testimonials: What's their experience with the Clean&Care Certification?

§ The measures we implemented after the audit were straightforward and economical. We did not get any cases and were kept out of a cluster that had emerged in our area by mid-August. We plan to continue and market ourselves even more next year with our certification.

§ We simply copied some other hotels we knew were getting the Clean&Care certification. It saved our season!

§ The audit was thorough. Much cheaper than audits locally offered to us. We used the low season to make some changes and the continuous help of Clean&Care certification experts helped us a lot.

§ I believe it changed much about how our main travel partners would choose us against others. I am not sure but it looks like it came from their clients.

§ For those managers out there that think vaccines are the end of our troubles, I would recommend them to look into the Clean&Care certification as some kind of insurance policy. They might need it!

§ I am not sure if it’s related or not, but we started low and got about 40% more bookings after we have been certified with Clean&Care. We had a specific safety issue to solve quickly in late July 2020, in the middle of the season, and they were truly helpful.

§ With COVID and border restrictions, our season was pretty much dead, so was it for all suppliers of tours and excursions around us. With a Clean&Care certification that differentiates us from others, we managed to build the confidence of locals that joined our tours. That just saved our season and our business.

§ Really liked it. Thank you!

§ Very professional team & service. Highly responsive. Got high marketing returns on it. Many thanks!

§ Thumbs up. Very professional and affordable service!

§ We had to cancel indoor seating after our certification and were not happy...Only to realize that this was too a local rule imposed by the Ministry of Health. Thanks for having set us on the right path! You save our summer!

§ We had never heard of them, but the WTM coverage made us curious. Nothing to regret so far, only good surprises. We will continue. Thank you Clean&Care.

§ As a member of a big chain, we received protocols to apply, but no direct specific advice to solve the many questions that were specific to our property and operations. Clean&Care was able to help us overcome all those rather specific issues. Their expertise is out of doubt. We had a clear vision about what we could and what we could not do.

§ I initially preferred a certification without an audit. I did not want to turn my hotel into a hospital, but we tried Clean&Care. I was particularly thankful to realize that safety does not mean to alter our guest experience, at least in what they advised us to do.

§ The Clean&Care Certification is not just scientific, they are true experienced hospitality experts that could understand and adapt to the situation that we were facing with COVID.

§ We did not pass right away and were not happy about it. They gave us a list of things to fix (nothing really big but very necessary as we realized later). After a few days we had fixed those things. We realized that indeed it’s often small things that make a big difference. Thank you for your guidance and for letting us to be part of the list.

§ We could tell that more and more people had picked us directly from the COVID Peace of Mind list. We had not expected that. Thank you!

§ Quick, thorough, scientific and adaptable.

§ We enrolled in June 2020. At the time I did not know what to expect. The audit was thorough but quick. It required some preparations that took a little than half a day. Although we passed right away, we got some very interesting feedback that allowed us to improve our safety measures at no extra cost. I quickly got feedback at the reception from guests that thanked us to be so caring about their COVID safety. Since we did not know what to expect we regrettably did not advertise our certification much. Only later in discussions with some of the big TOs we work with did I realize ( a bit too late for the 2020 summer season) that we had in fact adopted a very strong sales argument.

§ Whether they admit it or not, people have been under shock with COVID. Everyone is thankful that we have taken the extra measure to have an external expert like Clean&Care to look into it. Both guests and management have been able to relax and truly enjoy a Peace of Mind since we got our certification. Thank you!

§ I am still wondering how they make money. The service was thorough, complete and professional. We have put their stickers everywhere and if most of our guests feel more relaxed, it also sends a strong message for those that would be tempted to overlook basic COVID safety measures. Our travel partners thanked us for taking this step. It simply builds a better confidence.

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